Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keeping Busy

Life Thought:

I have figured out some secrets to life.  But it all boils down to this one word.  It is not a selfish word. Nor is it a word that you have to think about a lot.

You might have a lot to think about once you figure out this word.  But then again, life is a process of trial and error.  

This word...It makes you feel empowered to do anything and achieve any goals.  

The mantra of this word is also attached to this phrase that is burned in to my brain "Do it NOW!" ( I can still see the B&W square not in BOLD that was taped to the computer my mother gave me).

Can you figure out the word?  Let me know if you can.

Subtle Differences Photo Puzzle:

Which photograph do you like better?






Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its Just a Cover letter, Sam.

So I decided to take a different approach to applying to jobs.  I found this on Craigslist and it inspired me to see if  I get a response to something as silly as what I said below (  Ahh, my Quesedillas are burning!).

Do you think I got the job? 


My name is Sam Potts.  I do all sorts of cool stuff.  Imaging a gorilla in a tree pearing down on the city skyline.  Thats me!  But with a video camera, Sunglasses and a six pack of cola to sip on.  Scooters don't scare me.  Neither do hawks.  But If  I wasn't so friggin heavy, i'd try to ride one.   Hmmm...Maybe someday.. I'll let you know when I attempt it.  Should be interesting.

Anyhoo, feel free to look at my portfolio of videos at  and where I have tons of videos and photos!

I have tons of experience and would love to work with some fun and crative people.

Ciao! "
Oh yeah, I went to monster trucks this last friday! They also threw in a demolition derby

Samuel Potts

Photography + Video
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

303 Shoots

This has been a blast getting jobs for 303 mag, Thank you mel for sending me these jobs my way.

Here is a link

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Son of gun! I'm done! Graduated!

Japan 2010, Car wash

Calendar of Events, highlights:
  • June 2008- Move to Denver and start school again!
  • December 2009- Car get broken into, Pink ipod shuffle is stolen, along with window smashed and door bent a little.
  • January 2010- House get burgled, Merry Chrismas! (95% of electronics and photo portfolio related things , gone. No back ups, lesson learned: Get renters ins. and backups) 
  • February 2010- Kim breaks her Fibula and Tibia(Drop out for a quarter of school)
  • May 2010- Sam Breaks Collar bone (I did a superman over my bike handlebars)
A big thank you for all of the people who have been supportive, I couldn't have made it this far with out all of you.  Especially my mother,  my father,  my Girlfriend Kim, and  Drew and Andrea Burk and of course all of my Art institute buddies and instructors!  As much as I wish I could spit out all of the people that have helped me, you have been placed on my links web page as  people to know!  Check it!

Let the real work begin!